Two awards for the best posters by young researchers at the 7th International Microbial Diversity Conference

Two further prizes of 500 euro each will be awarded by the Food Project commission of the University of Parma.

The two prizes entitled "Food Project-Unipr" will be awarded to the two best posters presented by young researchers (under 35) and will represent the natural link between the excellence of young researchers and the food sector and the mission of the University's Food project.

These prizes will be assigned by a commission made up of members of the Unipr Food Project: prof. Erasmo Neviani, president of the Food Project, Prof. Benedetta Bottari, food project member, food microbiology area, Prof. Chiara dall'Asta, food project member, food chemistry area, Prof. Tommaso Ganini, food project member, vegetable production area , and the prof. Massimiliano Rinaldi, food project member, food technology area.

The submitted works will be evaluated on the basis of scientific originality, the methodological rigor of the research and the adherence of the topic presented to the theme of the conference, Agro-food microbiota for a sustainable future.