Probiotics and human microbiota - Probiotici e microbiota umano


Address: Plesso Chimico Parco area delle Scienze 17A, 43123 Parma 
Professors and researchers: 
Prof.ssa Francesca Turroni - 
Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability



Research topics

Research topics are related to different –omics approaches (genomics and functional genomics) of intestinal bacteria, metagenomics and microbial genomics of bifidobacteria and probiotic bacteria.



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Turroni, F., Milani, C., Duranti, S., Lugli, G.A., van Sinderen, D., and Ventura, M. (2018). B. bifidum PRL2010: scientific support of its use as an effective probiotic bacterium in the infant gut. Nutrafoods 17:173-178.
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Main collaborations

International collaborations


·      Department of Microbiology, National University of Ireland, Cork Prof. D. van Sinderen

·      Institutos Lacteos delle Asturies, Spain Dr. A. Margolles

·      Department of Food Science, University of Massachusetts, USA Dr. D. Sela

·      Department of Food Sciences, University, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Prof. R. Barrangou


Active projects

·      Italian Ministry of Health Grant (Bando Ricerca Finalizzata 2018, Linea Giovani Ricercatori). “Lung microbiota and related immunity role in predicting ventilator associated pneumonia (vap) development in mechanical ventilated patients” PI of University of Parma Unit: Prof.ssa F. Turroni.

Partecipants: Dott.ssa L. Alagna (coordinator, Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Milano), Dott. F. Magni (PI of Ospedale San Gerardo Monza e Brianza Unit).