Materials Engineering Group” – MEG


Address: Parco Area delle Scienze 181/A 
Prof. Daniel Milanese - 
Prof. Corrado Sciancalepore -   


Dr. Maria Diana Grimaldi -

PhD Students: 

Dr. Stefano De Luca

Dr. Elena Togliatti

Department of Engineering and Architecture




Research topics:

-       Design and fabrication of biodegradable polymers and biocomposites, from renewable sources, and processing with traditional (Extrusion and injection printing) and innovative (3D printing) technologies for applications in food-packaging with a view to circular economy.

-       Fabrication and characterization of biocompatible glasses for food packaging.

-       Characterization of materials by:

o   Optical and electronic microscopies

o   Calorimetry: DSC, DTA

o   Mechanical Analysis: tensile compressive and flexural tests

o   Thermomechanical analysis: DMA

o   Spcetroscopies: UV-VIS/NIR, FTIR, Raman.



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-       C. Sciancalepore, F. Bondioli, M. Messori, G. Barrera, P. Tiberto, P. Allia “Epoxy nanocomposites obtained through an innovative route and functionalized with in situ generated magnetite nanocrystals: microstructure, magnetic properties, interaction among magnetic particles” Polymer 59 (2015) 278-289.

-       C. Sciancalepore, T. Cassano, M. L. Curri, D. Mecerreyes, A. Valentini, A. Agostiano, R. Tommasi, M. Striccoli “TiO2 nanorods/PMMA copolymer-based nanocomposites: highly homogeneous linear and nonlinear optical material” Nanotechnolgy, 19 (2008) 205705.

Main collaborations:


-       Politecnico di Torino

-       Università di Bologna

-       Politecnico di Milano

-       Fondazione Links, Torino

-       IFAC-CNR, Firenze

-       Università di Pavia



-       Friederich Schiller Universität, Jena Germania.

-       Wageningen University & Research, Paesi Bassi.

-       Leibnitz IPHT, Jena, Germania.

-       SUPSI, Lugano, Svizzera.

-       EPFL, Lausanne, Svizzera.

-       University of Central Florida, USA.

-       Mid Sweden University, Svezia.


Ongoing Projects:

- PhD grant “Progettazione, realizzazione e caratterizzazione di materiali biocompositi biodegradabili rinforzati con filler di origine naturale per il packaging sostenibile” in the framework of Programma Operativo Nazionale 2014-2020 - AZIONE IV.5 – "Dottorati su tematiche Green del PON R&I 2014-2020" – Responsabile scientifico (1/1/2022 – 31/12/2024).

- Emilia-Romagna regional project for high education “Le sfide del packaging circolare”, call “Progetti di alta formazione in ambito tecnologico economico e culturale per una regione della conoscenza europea e attrattiva ai sensi dell’art. 2. della Legge Regionale 25/2018”.

- EU H2020 project MSCA-ITN2019 “Photonics for Healthcare: multiscAle cancer diagnosiS and Therapy (PHAST)” European Training Network


Collaborations with companies:

METCO Italia.